Whether big or small, Marknad always scales with your business. That is carried out to our pricing as well.

After exploring several different pricing models we have come to the conclusion, that nothing scales as well as a low platform fee. With Marknad, you never need to worry about changing to a bigger package as your business grows or your seasonal products are in greater demand. And if your store experiences slow periods of time, you never pay for something you don’t have use for.

With Marknad, there is no compulsory monthly fee, but you still get all the features your business needs. 

1,6 %

You only pay 1.6% when someone makes a purchase in your online store.

That is the only expense you have when you use Marknad as your platform.

There are other paid services available as well, from visual design and content creation to shipping and handling. Our additional services and their prices are listed on the additional services pricing page. 


Alternative Monthly Fees

If, for any reason, you would rather use monthly payments, Marknad offers a monthly package as well. The package is priced at

249 € per month + 0.5% of transactions.

Using the monthly package means lower costs for stores with a lot of traffic and a large sales volume. Marknad’s monthly fees are comparable to and often below those of other eCommerce platforms.

Pricing Terms

Prices are subjected to change but you will receive a notice 30 days before any pricing changes.

Prices exclude 24% VAT.

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