Dropshipping is a sales method where the seller does not keep products in stock. In fact, the products sold never go through the seller at all. Instead, when the seller closes a sale, through for example his or her own online store, the product is shipped to the customer from a third party, such as the manufacturer.

Sellers Prefer Dropshipping

The dropshipping method is often popular among sellers. When packaging and sending the products is not an issue, the seller’s valuable time is saved and can be spent doing more sales and closing more deals. Depending on the product, a seller can sell many times more products if packaging, handling, and sending the products no longer take up valuable time.

From the customer’s point of view, purchases made from stores or sellers who employ the dropshipping method does not differ from other methods. When everything goes according to plan, the customer gets the product from the manufacturer just as easily as if it was the seller sending it. Depending on the manufacturer or the third party charged with sending the product, the process may even be quicker and more efficient. Small stores, for instance, may only post their products to customers once a week, while larger parties send them out daily.

Dropshipping Is an Unknown Method in Many Countries, Such as Finland

Worldwide, dropshipping has gained popularity for years, but in many countries the method is still underused. For instance, in Finland, the method remains unfamiliar to the general public.

It stands to reason that in countries such as Finland there is demand for sellers or online stores operating on the dropshipping principle. It is an international sales method that can be used to supply customers with products from anywhere in the world.

The seller only needs to find suitable partners, such as manufacturers, importers, or global brands with central warehouse. The seller can then, for instance, set up an online store and get started with business right away. In this way, it is possible to bring countless new products to markets that do not have them yet.

The Advantages of Dropshipping

  • The seller does not need to take care of inventory
  • The seller does not need to spend time on handling, packaging, and sending
  • The customer receives the product hassle-free
  • Sales go up for the manufacturer or importer
  • The opportunity to bring new products to new markets, such as Finland

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