The most important thing about an online store is that it is reliable and using it is logical. The importance of technical features is on the rise again, because customers are unwilling to make purchases in stores that are slow or buggy. More and more, people use their mobile phones to access the internet, so having a store that is mobile-friendly is key.

Right now, people often think that only a polished store with unique features can succeed. In the long run and in certain situations this is true, but let’s be honest: a store that has sufficient technical efficiency and only simple additional features is usually good enough.

A Store Doesn’t Need to Be Perfect Right Away

Many people who dream of their own webstore seem to think that the only way to build the store is by having a clear brand, orchestrating detailed marketing campaigns and designing time-consuming social media content. They are wrong.

Paid marketing campaigns or complicated social media content may be a good idea at some point in time, but you can definitely get started without them. Even the look and feel of the store doesn’t need to stand out. In fact, having similarities is a good thing: if your online store has the same functions and basic user experience as other stores, your customers won’t have to learn to use yet another system. They will intuitively know how to shop in your store.

The big things like regular customers or well-known brands are built over a long period of time, also when the business is online. If your basic concept is good enough, you can make your store profitable through ordinary, everyday work, even without shiny logos or expensive campaigns by self-claimed marketing wizards.

You can get started with your online store by having your products on display. Everything else takes time to build.

Focus on Your Customers, Not Yourself

You should never add features to your online store that you think are cool unless your customers think so, too.

A webstore, just like any business, should always focus on serving its customers as efficiently as possible. Many online store owners think that a new logo or any visibility in social media is automatically appreciated by the customers.

A smart store owner will always listen to the customers, and he or she knows what they want and why. You should think of it this way: What do your customers want from your store or, say, the content you publish on social media? Make your customers’ wishes come true, and they’ll help realize your dream of a successful online store.

The Most Important Thing Is Getting Started

If you spend too long designing and re-designing your store, you may never get it opened. Having the perfect online store is not nearly as important as having a functioning online store.

You should work on your brand and your business concept continuously. Neither of them can be ever fully planned or decided upon; rather, they are built in time as you react to changing markets.

With Marknad, setting up an online store is fast and hassle-free. Marknad’s platform is mobile friendly and it comes with several automatic features you can slowly learn to use – while you build your customer base and your very own brand, over the years.

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