Creative Services

In time, building an online store may become more than having the technical side set up properly. Many store owners want strong brands, memorable logos, content that drives organic traffic to the site or other services that require creativity. Marknad has a wide selection of services to choose from.

All creative services start at 50e/h + alv.

Brand Design

Brand is a strong word and when used correctly, a brand can become an integral part of an online store. A strong brand will help people remember the store and turn them into regular customers.

Marknad can help you design and build your store’s online brand in as much detail as you want.

Logo Design

Can there be a store, let alone a brand, without a logo? A good logo catches the customer’s eye while simultaneously telling them, what the business is about.

Marknad will design your logo for you based on any criteria you want. You can use your company’s name as a basis for graphic design, or you may want to use just a drawn picture. You can pick the feel of the logo and any colors you want – or you can leave the whole thing to us, if you’re out of ideas!

Site Design

Marknad’s online platform is so versatile that you may want help designing your online store and all the parts that are connected to it. There may very well be features and plugins that you could easily use but have not yet thought of.

Marknad’s creative technical team will help turn your site into a user experience that customers want to repeat. The team will help you select the tools you need to better serve your customers in the future. Everyone wants a clear, clean, and user-friendly site, and our team can help you build it without overwhelming your own workload.

Content Creation

Good, original content is one of the driving factors behind organic traffic – in other words, the better the texts on your site are, the more likely you are going to have visitors.

You can use content in various ways. On the website and in the store, it’s important to use text that is on-brand and inviting to the customer. Content in the product descriptions also needs to be unambiguous yet attractive. Furthermore, combining a blog filled with high-quality content with your webstore can generate large amounts of traffic and bring in growing numbers of customers.

Marknad is well-equipped to help you turn your ideas into content that appeals to customers. Our professional writing team can handle anything from simple store descriptions to long-term blog projects. We can help you find the right words in any situation.

Other Creative Services

If there is anything else you need when it comes to your store, your brand, and your business, reach out to us and let us help!

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