Localization & Strategy Services at Marknad

Are you breaking into a new market? Are you wanting to? We can help you.

Part of international or even global business is localizing your site or store to better serve customers from different places. Marknad has several localizations features that are built-in, and we offer a wide selection of additional services to help grow your store.


Funnily enough, in global marketplaces localization is important. Simply put, there is not much sense in showing the same page to a visitor from Finland and a visitor from Taiwan. The currency, the language, and the culture are so different that to actually reach potential customers, a degree of localization is required. Even inside Finland, there are things you should take into consideration when it comes to serving your customers in Finnish or in Swedish.

With Marknad, the system automatically knows where a visitor is located and lets them view the store based on local settings. For instance, visitors in Sweden will automatically be shown a localized version of the site, complete with local taxes and currency and content in Swedish. You can start using localized features on your site from your dashboard, and if you want additional services such as high-quality translations, you can contact Marknad.


Due to different legislations, the way agreements are made, handled and worded differs from country to country. In some countries such as the US, there may be differences not only internationally but between individual states as well.

Marknad helps you set up agreements that are valid with your customers and your partners. Built-in are Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages in three languages: English, Finnish and Swedish. For more information, get in touch with us!


Finnish and Swedish webshops cater mainly to Finnish and Swedish customers, but adding English to the mix can help a store reach a truly global market. Having an online store in English means the ability to easily market and sell to people in places like the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and anywhere else where English is the dominant language. It also enables a store owner to sell to anyone who speaks English as a second language.

In some countries, however, customers are used to getting service in their own language. This is true for many European countries such as France, Germany and Italy. That is why it can be beneficial for a store to add translations in other languages as well. Adding translations in, say, German radically increases the chances of reaching customer in the German markets, where the population in Germany alone is over 83 million.

Marknad has a multilingual team and experienced translators who can help you reach new customers in their own language.


The way Value Added Tax is handled changes from country to country, and the rules and sums vary in different countries. It is the seller’s responsibility to make sure that all taxes are handled correctly, even when they are dependent on the buyer’s location.

Marknad’s system calculates taxes into prices automatically depending on where in the world the order is made. Local VAT percentages are always taken into account. The seller can then decide whether the prices vary between customers, or if what changes per purchase is the sales margin.


If you are thinking about trying to reach new markets, you are thinking about strategy.

Not all businesses or online stores have a strategy beyond making their store the best it can be and attracting as many customers as possible. But with a clear strategy, it becomes easier to prioritize actions, run a business more efficiently and find entirely new opportunities along the way. For instance, part of business strategy is figuring out new products or new markets to expand to.

Whether local or international, Marknad can help you with your store – not only in the present, but when it comes to the future, too. Having a clear strategy will give your store a powerful competitive advantage against stores that only want to build a simple store and sell to pre-existing customers.

Get in touch with us and we will help you figure out your next steps for making your online store the biggest it can be.

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