Additional Services Pricing

You can find pricing for core services in our pricing page.

In addition to the scalable and cost-effective eCommerce platform, Marknad offers its clients different kinds of additional services – everything from a little bit of graphic design to help with the creation of entire international business strategies.

Below is the price list for additional optional services. Some of the services are provided by our partners and prices quoted below are only indicative.

Creative Services

Designing and maintaining an online store takes creativity, and that is where Marknad’s additional services come in. We design logos and write product descriptions as well as logo posts for you. Read more about our creative services here.

Online marketing
Store design50€per hour
Brand design50€per hour
Content creation50€per hour
Landing page100€per page
Logo design150€per logo
Product descriptionsstarting at 25€per product


Assistant Services

Remote Assistant Service starting at €30 per half an hour. We’ll help you set up your store, answer your questions, and help you interpret the statistics and data that come with owning an online store.

We also offer Store Assistant Services at fixed monthly costs, so that we can be the longtime partner every store owner needs. 6 months minimum. With our Store Assistant Service enabled, you will keep stay in personal touch with an assistant, who offers his or her help and expertise in solving both big and small problems.

Store Assistant Service Package size S150€per month
Store Assistant Service Package size M200€per month
Store Assistant Service Package size L250€per month

Localization & Strategy Services

An online store may act on truly global markets, but local conditions should still be kept in mind. This is done through something called localization.

With Marknad, you have access to expert services that will help you grow your business, localize it appropriately, break into new markets, and develop new strategies.

Read more about our localization and strategy services here.

Localization consulting100€per hour
Translations50€per hour
Agreements made by a law firm900€per agreement
Strategy consultation100€per hour

Other Services

As one of Marknad’s clients, you have access to our store-related services such as the handling and shipping of your products. The prices of these services start at 1€ per item handled. Contact us for more information!


Pricing Terms

Prices are subjected to change. We will make all reasonable effort to let you know any pricing changes at least 30 days before. However shipping prices can change due to fuel surcharges imposed by the carriers. Any prices from 3rd party providers are only indicative.

Prices exclude 24% VAT if not specifically mentioned.

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